_A flight over the crackled icy surface of the Hudson bay lead to a landscape that levitates on tripods, above a seemingly more solid, slowly moving ground. The experience of lightness, darkness, transparency, distance and fragility. All the trees growing in the area were being supported by tripods, I was surrounded by this structure.

_Also part of an ongoing attempt to locate/create the keyhole, which is most often a shifting and momentary opening or portal, entry/exit, a point of light The keyhole was first noticed in Wyoming when it opened between two enormous clouds and a beam of sun shot through to illuminate a small spot on the shadowed valley below the mountains. This fleeting ray of light appeared for a moment to be solid and had structure that could be measured. I realized from afar that this beam of light was far taller than the mountains, and that I was looking at a temporary object that was miles and miles tall.

wooden dowels, plastic rods, blue acetate, gold mylar, unfired clay, wooden boards
The construction site behind Kyung Hee University, South Korea
May 2010